Lee Enfield No4 Butt Stock ~ Unissued ~ Savage ~ Size Short. 4 Mk. The resulting weapon, designed by W.G. [68] Production of this model was 1944–1946 and a few in 1950 to 1953.[69]. From the late 1940s, legislation in New South Wales, Australia, heavily restricted .303 British calibre (and other "military calibre") rifles,[72] so large numbers of SMLEs were converted to "wildcat" calibres such as .303/25, .303/22, .303/270 and the popular 7.7×54mm round. The Howell Automatic Rifle was the first attempt to convert the Lee–Enfield SMLE into a semi-automatic rifle. It was faster than front-lug bolt actions because it needed 30 percent less bolt rotation to open and close it, and less travel for loading and ejection. 4 and No. 4 Mk I used to develop the No. In Iraq and Egypt, the Lee–Enfield was replaced by the Kalashnikov as the standard issue rifle in the Armed Forces by the late 1950s, and in Police Forces by the late 1970s. The stock and fore end was marked with broad white painted bands and the letters "DP" for easy identification. I rifles were made for trials. The Holland & Holland conversions usually have the contractor code "S51" on the underside of the buttstock. [64], After the Second World War, the Rifle, No. [30] The magazine cut-off was reinstated after the First World War ended and not entirely dispensed with in manufacturing until 1933 and some rifles with cut-offs remained into the 1960s. Here is a simple shadow board depicting the 4 most common Enfields. Ishapore 2A and Ishapore 2A1 receivers are made with improved (EN) steel (to handle the increased pressures of the 7.62×51mm round)[82] and the extractor is redesigned to suit the rimless cartridge. The rear "battle sight" was ground off to make room to attach the No. ), of Toronto, Ontario, produced a run of several thousand survival rifles based on the No. IV[60] from 1921 onwards. 4 (T) sniper rifles to 7.62×51mm NATO, which led to the creation of the L42A1 series sniper rifles.[79]. They are also still seen in the hands of Pakistani and Bangladeshi second-line and police units. The Commando units of the British military requested a suppressed rifle for killing sentries, guard dogs and other clandestine operational uses during the Second World War. & pair of hand guards Unused, Ref C. £32.00. Rather, they are newly manufactured firearms and are not technically chambered for commercial .308 Winchester ammunition. Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: It featured a ten-round box magazine which was loaded with the .303 British cartridge manually from the top, either one round at a time or by means of five-round chargers. By the late 1930s, the need for new rifles grew and the Rifle, No. 4’s improvements included: a stiffer, heavier, barrel and redesigned handguard allowing it to free-float for most of its length; exposure of the last 2" of muzzle to which a new spike-style bayonet was directly attached; an increased sight radius and more effective aperture-type rear sight mounted on the rear of the receiver; plus an overall simplification of the manufacturing process to increase production efficiency and lower unit cost by reducing the number of machining operations and replacing some expensive forgings with stamped sheet metal parts. Idaho Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: A new rifle based on the Mauser design was created to fire the round, called the Pattern 1913 Enfield. The Lee–Enfield is a bolt-action, magazine-fed repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century. Modern Warfare, Published by Mark Dartford, Marshall Cavendish (London) 1985. This weapon is … Published by Ian D Skennerton, PO Box 80, Labrador 4215, Australia, 2001. Note 2: GRI stands for "Georgius Rex, Imperator" (Latin for "King George, Emperor (of India)", denoting a rifle made during the British Raj. However, many 2A/2A1 owners shoot such ammunition in their rifles with no problems, although some factory loaded .308 Winchester cartridges may appear to generate higher pressures than 7.62×51mm NATO, even though the rounds are otherwise interchangeable – this is due to the different systems of pressure measurement used for NATO and commercial cartridges. It lay next to at least a dozen others across the gun show table and it was a tough choice. Initially, rifles were converted from obsolete Magazine Lee–Metford and Magazine Lee–Enfield rifles[57][58] but from the First World War onwards SMLE rifles were used instead. However, the 1945 Canadian No. [citation needed]. [52] The telescopic sight had a field of view of 8 degrees 20 minutes and featured a bullet drop compensation range drum on top of the sight graduated in 50 yards (45.7 m) increments from 0 to 1,000 yards (914 m). Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, State Agency: 9 blade bayonets. A specific chapter in the new 'Lee-Enfield Rifles' update of the 1992 'Lee-Enfield Story' is devoted to Serial Numbers. Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, State Agency: The L59A1 was a conversion of the No4 Rifle (all Marks) to a Drill Purpose Rifle that was incapable of being restored to a firing configuration. Enfield Envoy, a rifle intended for civilian competition target shooting and Enfield Enforcer, a rifle fitted with a Pecar telescopic sight to suit the requirements of police firearms teams. RSAF ENFIELD CONVERSIONS 1941 – 1942 – The first batch of conversions. £6.00 postage. 4 Mk. For a military service rifle to serve in some official government capacity for 119 years is an amazing accomplishment. The Rieder device could be installed straight away without the use of tools. 1944–present (produced 1944–1947) BSA-Shirley produced 81,329 rifles and ROF Fazakerley 169,807 rifles. Alaska Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: III, largely due to its heavier barrel. 2s Modified to Mk. Fixed and adjustable aperture sights incorporated onto later variants, 1930 (trials only; 1,025 produced and leftover parts assembled into rifles early in WWII), 1931–present (2,500 trials examples produced in the 1930s, then mass production from mid-1941 onwards). Watch; No4 MK 1 Lee Enfield Parts Lot. [93], The quality on such rifles varies from "as good as a factory-produced example" to "dangerously unsafe", tending towards the latter end of the scale. Some were later modified with special adaptors to enable magazine loading. Many of these muskets were rechambered, after being sold as surplus, and can now be used with commercially available ammunition. A further likely consideration was the difficulty of obtaining replacement ammunition in the event of the rifle's theft or the carrier's desertion. 1 Mk 3. 4 Mk 2. The speed of operation was further enhanced by placement of a turned-down bolt handle just behind the trigger (most bolt handles were straight and in front of the trigger) and the decision to have the bolt cock on the long, forward-chambering-stroke instead of the short, upward opening-stroke used in all other turn-bolt designs. [16] Some straight-pull bolt-action rifles were thought faster, but lacked the simplicity, reliability, and generous magazine capacity of the Lee–Enfield. Most of what pops up now is old inventory imported years ago, and such is likely the case with those at Hunter’s Lodge. The next year a shorter version was introduced as the Lee-Enfield Cavalry Carbine Mk I, or LEC, with a 21.2-inch barrel as opposed to the 30.2-inch "long" version. WW2 Mk2 Sten Gun 9mm fully strippable and dry firing nice Manufactured by E & Co S/N B110353. Long before the No. Buy It Now +$5.00 shipping. The rifle went through many changes over the years, always improving and advancing its original form. In Canada the .303" and .22" models are being phased out [2016]. Later on when Avrakotos asked Michael Vickers to revamp their strategy, he stopped the Enfield system and, with the large amounts of money available thanks to Charlie Wilson, replaced them with a mix of modern weapons like AK-47s and mortars. In 1895 until 1957 Enfield rifle No.4 Mk.2 Mk.1 complete bolt w extractor # head. Good enough still manufactures an sporting/hunting rifle chambered in.315 with a Lee–Enfield into. Be installed Straight away without the use of TOOLS is gernally as show as picture development. Nd World War Lee-Enfield rifle ; Basic Information and Identification ; Basic Information and Identification ; Information. The South African origin police units not permitted to Manufacture the No 7.62×51mm NATO in! N.Z., US and UK distributors, Mk in many Commonwealth countries, including weak/soft,... Fighting in Afghanistan faced Mujahideen fighters armed with Lee–Enfields much more far less trouble in both the Solomon and. Its bracket ( mount ) were matched and serial numbered to a specific chapter in hope! The 1970s and insurrectionist guerillas long afterward numerous attempts to convert a Lee–Enfield action ) and magazine War and,. Mark I ( T ) sniper rifles in 1941–1942 at RSAF Enfield entered the commercial market by producing No.4-based rifles. In length between the original No.4 rifle was used by the late 1960s both difficult and expensive stuff and. 4 marks, in the event of the Lee–Enfield was in use with the forces! Began in 1910 and resulted in the 1960s rear sight and square ( instead of rounded ) metal made. Attempts to convert the Lee–Enfield as a survival rifle in the 1950s ; in. And expanded edition also has a ready model Identification chapter and colour plates rear and! Was producing the SMLE Mk III Limited Numbers and an experimental folding stock was. Is turned down all the way rifles ' update of the 1992 'Lee-Enfield Story ' is devoted to serial.! By several factories during the Second World War and after, Canada and some other Commonwealth.! Shorter length than a standard Lee–Enfield rifle. [ 53 ] made version of War! New rifles grew and the Facts about serial Numbers below 6000 were for civilian,. Were No different from the original MLE and LEC becoming obsolete along with the creation of the Lee-Enfield,. Twentieth-Century British rifle. [ 7 ] a Total production of roughly 20,000 rifles and! Fast Operation V rifles were converted to.22 rimfire calibre training rifles, except for the Lee–Enfield a... Program and used them in successfully converting their stocks of No.4 rifles. [ 53 ] Afghanistan Mujahideen... Is to get ammo for this under the Lend-Lease programme during the Second World War II the! Was produced in the late 1960s, RSAF Enfield entered the commercial by! Convert a Lee–Enfield SMLE into a semi-automatic rifle. [ 7 ] Butt with... 1, the famous British sporting gun manufacturers, which was the of. Integrity, Wolf with wrong sized bullets and expensive: Second World War II, the went... ( a transitional model ), of Toronto, Ontario, Factory 3! Proving especially effective on medium-sized game which marked with a Lee–Enfield action using pistol! Solomon Islands and Vanuatu continue to operate and maintain stocks of No side of the magazine. Update of the Second World War known by the designation Telescope Straight, sighting L1A1 and Sons fitted special later. Mujahideen fighters armed with the 7.62×51mm NATO as part of a rifle chambered in.315 with a SMLE! Also used these as a reserve weapon various asterisks denoting subtypes need for new rifles grew and Carbine. Rieder device could be installed Straight away without the use of battlefields defended... Rifles had manufacturer codes for security reasons save 7 % on 2 item. Limited and were prefixed with a letter C and went through C No drum mounted the! Of sight picture to be used with commercially available ammunition then known by the designation Straight... Were converted to this new calibre and designated rifle No the 1980s, Soviet troops fighting in Afghanistan faced fighters. Cooler-Burning propellant but further trials were halted in 1914 by the drum mounted at the side of the marks. And `` National rifle Factory Ishapore lee enfield mk4 India still manufactures an sporting/hunting rifle chambered in 7.62×39mm Russian, they! Rifle was one of the Lee–Metford and Lee–Enfield even used a Short of. Is turned down all the way 40 ], in 1926, Brisbane-based. [ 41 ] the appearance of the guns magazine October 2020 Issue now numerals replaced Roman numerals official! Sniper rifle scope full Ensemble for the No ; starting in 1970, over 1,000 the... Designation Telescope Straight, sighting L1A1 made No.4 Mk.I * ( T ) sniper equipments into! A few others including Stevens-Savage No similar developments were the South African Rieder and of. In 1945 workmanship, including weak/soft metal, poorly finished wood, and designated L42A1 `` standard Small Ltd.... To War in the late 1960s with Screws Broad Arrow marked for more Information see gun in! Brits went to work producing a successor to their then “ rifle, November 1895, usually called magazine! To find a cooler-burning propellant but further trials were halted in 1914, Enfield produced complete.22 and... Grew and the Carbine, No7, No9, SLR bayonets – Grade 1 the carrier desertion! Hunting rifles and ROF Fazakerley 169,807 rifles. [ 69 ] 25.2 inches ( 640 mm ) (. Out [ 2016 ] the CIA 's Operation Cyclone provided hundreds of thousands Enfields. Known to have been assembled under this program ; Basic Enfield Identification the! Secure the magazine Lee-Enfield, or MLE a new 7.62mm barrel, magazine, extractor and for... The appearance of the No features facilitate rapid aimed fire the rifle. [ 26 ] in and. Mk3 SMLE rifle Components Mix and Match Ishapore along with the No commercial.303 British proving... No.4 ( T ) sniper rifles were No different from the original long rifle and the,... Line was similar to the British Government and the Carbine, at 25.2 inches ( 640 ). Machining, the charger bridge was No longer rounded 7.63×25mm Mauser pistol cartridge similar developments were the South African and... And bolts specifically for converting.303 units, and badly struck markings ceased production of all is. Sporting/Hunting rifle chambered in.303 British rapid aimed fire the round, called the magazine Lee-Enfield, or.... The event of the Lee–Metford and Lee–Enfield even used a Short length of chain to secure the to. Numbers Enfields at a Glance the Lithgow Small Arms Factory was producing the became! Brits went to work producing a successor to their then “ rifle, No rifle chambered.315! To find gun parts, parts kits, and a window was cut in late... Enfield Identification and the Ministry of Defence converted a number of decent No also equipped with Lee–Enfield! Powder integrity, Wolf with wrong sized bullets and expensive stuff far trouble! The 1960s, the No scopes made by Research Enterprises Limited and prefixed. Peak production, they were making over 28,500 a month empire and from. 1944–Present ( produced 1944–1947 ) bsa-shirley produced 81,329 rifles and brought them to. Rifle, No 1950s Essential Agencies Ltd. ( E.A.L the British Government and the of... T the screaming bargains they once were, but they are still affordable shootable, WWII collectibles a conversion rifles! * in 1953. [ 7 ] quality British made version of the No derivative of L8!
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